Data management

Estimating data means you could be over-obligated for your packaging, WEEE or batteries compliance. How accurate are your costs?

Raw data analysis

When your business has several thousand products, detailed data analysis can make a significant difference. Imagine you have a product line of 25,000 products. Analysis reveals that 90% of your compliance liability rests with the top 200 products, allowing us to focus the bulk of our efforts on that small proportion, saving you an awful lot of time, energy and money. We can work out the best fit approach for your organisation to comply with the producer legislation in the most efficient, and accurate, way possible.

Data collection methodology

More often than not, internal methodologies are stored in the heads of key people, causing untold difficulty for new staff taking over new responsibilities and inhibiting the ability to improve and refine processes. Starting with an audit of your current process, we will produce a detailed data collection methodology working with key personnel, which can be referred to when needed. It also demonstrates that all important transparency to the EA.

Product weighing

To comply with the regulations you will need to know the weight of all your product packaging, a task that draws staff away from their core roles when you least need it. At Ecosurety, we will handle all of this for you, visiting your warehouse and weighing all your packaging as appropriate, storing the data in a useful format ready for your compliance calculations.

Supplier liaison

If you have a complex supply chain and perishable products, sometimes it makes sense to contact suppliers directly to obtain packaging weights rather than weigh them individually. However, it can be a resource intensive, onerous task. Fortunately, we assume all the leg-work for you, contacting suppliers on your behalf and presenting all the information back when the job is complete.

Are your obligations making an impact?

Together with our members, partners and other major brands we are leading the biggest collaborative push to improve on-the-go recycling of packaging waste in the UK, with the landmark #LeedsByExample and #InTheLoop campaigns. Isn't it about time your compliance obligations made a positive impact too?
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Get ready for Extended Producer Responsibility

Many products are under consideration for future EPR by Government including tyres, mattresses and agricultural plastics. Here's what you need to know.
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