WEEE compliance

Is your company compliant with the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations?
Does WEEE compliance apply to you?
You manufacture, import or rebrand
electrical or electronic goods in the UK
You may be obligated
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What you need to do

If WEEE regulations apply to your organisation, you are required to act either through registration and reporting or financing waste collection. It can seem a little daunting, but this is where we come in. Working together we can take care of all this for you, saving time, money and energy.
  • Join a WEEE compliance scheme within 28 days of when you first placed electrical items on to the market
  • Report on the weight of EEE that you’ve placed onto the UK market
  • Ensure the reports categorise your EEE correctly
  • Ensure your data is as accurate as reasonably possible
  • Finance a proportion of the costs for the collection, treatment and recovery of the EEE you have placed on the market, if it exceeds the five tonne threshold
  • If you are a distributor of electrical items, you also have to provide information and like-for-like WEEE take-back

How does Open Scope affect your business?

From January 2019 new Open Scope rules may change how you report your WEEE compliance data submissions. Are you ready?
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Are your obligations making an impact?

Together with our members we help to improve UK recycling infrastructure, support new innovation, raise public awareness and increase collection rates. What impact could we make together?
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What if I'm not compliant?

Failure to meet your WEEE compliance legal obligations may result in prosecution and fines.


Importantly, we can help you. Ignorance of the regulations is not accepted as a defence and previous years’ non-compliance can be counted in enforcement actions. Don’t worry as no matter how large the undertaking, we can assist and guide you every step of the way to ensure your organisation is no longer in breach of the regulations.

Are you in control of your WEEE data management?

We can support your business to collect, calculate and record your WEEE compliance data accurately.
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Do you need to prepare for an Environment Agency audit?

If you are audited by the Environment Agency, we can prepare a presentation for audit and will attend and assist, including leading the audit for your company.
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Arrange your WEEE collections with ease

By partnering with local contractors and national operators, we provide whole UK coverage for the collection of WEEE with a quick turnaround, built on established operations and years of experience.
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Representing our members' interests

With dedicated lobbying, proactive support and industry-focused expertise, we work hard to ensure Ecosurety’s compliance schemes deliver much more than just value for money to our members.
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EPR is coming - are you prepared?

The UK does not yet have comprehensive Extended Producer Responsibility systems in place, but that is set to change. All packaging, batteries and WEEE producers will be affected, get up to speed now.
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Download our impact report

Our 2020 impact report shows where we have invested to improve quality UK recycling on behalf of our members, and the benefits and learnings that have occurred as a result.
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"As a business we recognise the need to manage our impact on the environment. Ecosurety helps us meet all the necessary legal and regulatory requirements relating to WEEE, RoHS, batteries and packaging regulations. The whole team can be relied on for clear, accurate and friendly advice and support."

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