Batteries EPR

Are you aware of how batteries Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) could impact your business?
What is batteries EPR?

What is batteries EPR?

In the 2018 Resources and Waste Strategy, government stated they would consult on the current Waste Battery and Accumulator Regulations. It is hoped that any future Extended Producer Responsibility measures will alleviate existing issues within the current system and increase collection rates. It has not been confirmed when the regulatory changes will be implemented, but this is unlikely to happen before EPR for packaging is introduced in 2023.

Am I affected?

You will be affected by future batteries EPR impacts if you are a producer or distributor of batteries in the UK. It is not yet clear whether existing categories, chemistries and producer definitions will remain the same after the review. The Resources and Waste Strategy specifically addresses the need to better regulate reporting for portable batteries and to adapt legislation to changes within the automotive and industrial categories. Producers can expect targeted regulatory shifts in these areas.

What is the batteries EPR consultation?

The government consultation will cover the portable, industrial, and automotive battery regulations. They may also consider whether or not to incorporate aspects of the proposed EU measures that are currently being consulted on.

Batteries issues likely to be covered

Particular issues to be tackled will likely be portable battery disposal into landfill, the over evidencing of lead-acid types and emerging electric vehicle chemistries. The consultation was scheduled to be published at the end of 2021 but is now expected to be in 2023.

As yet, the exact details of any future consultation are not known but we recommend all producers to be aware of these legislative developments and ideally to be prepared to respond to the consultation when it is published.



What do I need to do now?

Government have yet to release detailed guidance, so the details surrounding future EPR for batteries is not yet fully known. However, we strongly advise you to respond to the upcoming consultation, and to be aware of the resulting government response and any draft legislation. By doing this your team can prepare for any changes that will impact your business at the earliest opportunity. We inform our members of important policy milestones and updates and we always publish the latest news on our website.
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