Recycling evidence

We actively source quality recycling evidence to offset your packaging, WEEE and batteries obligations

We prioritise UK recycling

We go out of our way to support and procure evidence from UK recyclers because it’s the right thing to do. It reduces our carbon footprint, it’s traceable and it supports our economy and domestic recycling infrastructure. Importantly, we have made a commitment to increase our usage of UK evidence into the future.
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For many years the PRN system has favoured exported waste evidence, primarily because an export PRN can be issued on a tonne of unsorted, contaminated waste as it leaves our shores. UK recycling evidence in contrast can only be issued on a tonne of recycled material at the end of the process.

In short, exporters can generate more PRNs for a given quantity of material and have no requirement to track where or how the waste is treated - if it is at all.

When required to do so, we only use trusted suppliers abroad, to minimise the environmental impact as much as possible and ensure the people we work with follow our code of conduct.

61.4% of PRNs sourced from the UK

In 2018 we exceeded our own target of procuring at least 55% of PRNs from the UK. Thanks to our unique partnerships and investment in UK recyclers, we increased the number of UK suppliers we work with directly by 19%, procuring 61.4% of our PRNs from the UK, well above the industry average.
"The UK desperately needs improved recycling infrastructure and the time to act is now. Rather than sitting back and waiting for future legislation changes to improve the situation, we remain focused on the action we can take today." Sue Nolan Photo Sue Nolan Procurement manager

Supporting new recycling evidence

We are well aware that compliance schemes competing over existing UK evidence is not in itself helping to recycle extra material. That is why we are focused on procuring new UK evidence from material streams that were previously being exported, landfilled or incinerated. In 2018 for example, we purchased thousands of tonnes of new plastic PRNs for material that was previously not recycled.
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In 2018 over 4,500 tonnes of our plastic evidence came from new UK sources, as did more than 12,500 tonnes of our glass evidence. We are also directly investing tens of thousands of pounds in new UK recyclers such as Indigo Environmental who are tackling hard-to-recycle waste streams that are traditionally incinerated.

Our focus into the future remains to support new reprocessors become accredited, building lasting relationships that secure long-term supplies of domestic recycling evidence for our members. The more evidence we produce the greater our recycling capacity. The greater our capacity, the lower the cost of recycling and the less we rely on exports.

If you are a reprocessor and think we should be working together, please contact our team.

Investing PRNs in recycling innovation

We partner and invest in those working at the cutting edge of recycling innovation - from Recycling Technologies who bring new innovation to market that can recycle problem plastics and film, through to Impact Solutions who create processes that can transform traditionally low-value incinerated plastics into higher value recycled waste streams.
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Evidence cost analysis

We can calculate the true costs of sales by analysing how much your evidence costs per product per supplier. If you are a retailer, it can help you to identify which products cost you the most in evidence to help you to make informed decisions. If you are a producer, we can help you to identify which steps of your supply chain producer responsibility is hitting you hardest, and potentially identify areas of cost reductions.
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Procurement for direct registrants

You may have chosen to register with the Environment Agency (EA) directly. In this case, we can still help you to procure your PRNs, operating on a consultative basis only. Contact us now to discover the benefits of working with us.
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“Working with Ecosurety provides that peace of mind that we are going the extra mile to recycle our products, but also that our investment inside the waste and recycling industry will be as transparent as possible as the PRN system evolves and improves.” Michelle Norman Photo Michelle Norman External Affairs and Sustainability Director, Lucozade Ribena Suntory