Recycling evidence

We actively source quality recycling evidence to offset your packaging, WEEE and batteries obligations

We prioritise traceable recycling

Our main objective as a producer responsibility compliance scheme is to ensure our members remain compliant under UK law. However, we don't stop there. For many years we have called for increased transparency in the recycling sector and with this in mind, we work hard to ensure the evidence that we source for our members is as traceable as possible in the current market, building lasting, quality relationships with reprocessors in the UK and abroad. We also remain committed to supporting our own economy and sector, and work with innovators and reprocessors that are building capacity and improving traceability here in the UK.

Supporting UK projects and new recycling evidence

As our scheme grows, our ambition to deliver increasing proportions of UK evidence becomes more complex to achieve. This is because there are simply not enough new UK PRNs available in the market to match the increase in demand for domestic evidence. This is why our commitment to transparent and traceable recycling evidence is well underway. For instance Ecosurety is supporting a number of UK projects working to increase the amount of PRNs available, including Yes Recycling, a Yorkshire based complex polymer waste plant.
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Creating thousands of new PRNs with Yes Recycling

Providing Buckinghamshire-based Yes Recycling with £100,000 of financial support has enabled them to purchase a wash process line which will increase its recycling capacity by 2,000 tonnes per year. This net contribution to the UK recycling system will create thousands of new PRNs, thereby helping to address issues of supply and price.

Our focus into the future remains to support new reprocessors become accredited, building lasting relationships that secure long-term supplies of domestic recycling evidence for our members. The more evidence we produce domestically the greater our recycling capacity. The greater our capacity, the lower the cost of recycling and the less we rely on exports.

"We are thrilled that Ecosurety, and the producers they represent, are enabling us to build significant and desperately needed UK recycling infrastructure" Omer Kutluoglu Director, Yes Recycling

Should we be working with you too?

We are continually building new relationships with recyclers and reprocessors who are aligned with our values of greater transparency and traceability of recycling evidence. If you think we should be collaborating with you too, please contact our team to discuss how we can work together.
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Evidence cost analysis

For producers, we can calculate the true costs of sales by analysing how much your evidence costs per product, per supplier. If you are a retailer, it can help you to identify which products cost you the most in evidence to help you to make informed decisions. If you are a producer, we can help you to identify which steps of your supply chain producer responsibility is hitting you hardest, and potentially identify areas of cost reductions.
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Procurement for direct registrants

You may have chosen to register with the Environment Agency (EA) directly. In this case, we can still help you to procure your PRNs, operating on a consultative basis only. Contact us now to discover the benefits of working with us.
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“Working with Ecosurety provides that peace of mind that we are going the extra mile to recycle our products, but also that our investment inside the waste and recycling industry will be as transparent as possible as the PRN system evolves and improves.” Michelle Norman Photo Michelle Norman External Affairs and Sustainability Director, Lucozade Ribena Suntory