Somerset Repair Bus

Empowering and connecting rural communities through reuse and repair

Making electrical reuse and repair the norm

Funded through the second round of the Ecosurety Exploration Fund in 2022, the Somerset Repair Bus project is aiming to transform electrical repair and reuse from a niche to a norm activity for rural residents. Led by leading consultancy Resource Futures, the project is seeking to do far more than increase reuse and repair however, it is also providing a spark that can help to connect communities.

A problem amplified

Linear consumption habits of electricals is a significant problem, an issue that is particularly amplified in rural communities with low population densities and poor access to facilities that enable reuse and repair.

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Limited or non-existent facilities

Basic awareness of responsible electronic reuse and repair is limited at the best of times, but especially so in rural areas where awareness of, and access to, responsible electronics repair and reuse facilities are extremely limited. More often they are non-existent.

Added to this problem are linear consumption habits and concerns about the safety of repairs and the security of personal data that often prevents the recycling or reuse of old devices.



A touring repair and reuse facility

The Somerset Repair Bus project, led by Resource Futures in collaboration with Somerset Waste Partnership and Donate-IT, will provide a touring skill-share and collection facility for rural communities in Somerset, regularly promoting sustainable electronic and electrical equipment consumption.

Embrace more circular consumption

Increasing length of ownership is key to reducing carbon and the project will play an important role by coordinating, facilitating and raising awareness of responsible electrical repair and reuse with key community groups.

By connecting communities and raising the standard and visibility of the activities across the region, it will give residents the confidence and ability to embrace a more circular model of electronics consumption.

repair of electricals


A blueprint of best practices

Not only will it raise the standard and visibility of electronics repair and reuse activities across the region, and increase circularity by diverting EEE back into the community to address digital poverty, the Somerset Repair Bus will also create and share a blueprint of best practices, so other regions join the journey too. 




"There are a wealth of community groups across Somerset doing amazing work, but the breadth and rurality of the region makes it hard to extend reach to all communities. We hope this mobile resource will bring repair and sustainable consumption choices to every high street, help highlight the groups already working on the ground locally, whilst supporting them to extend their activities and reach." Sarah Hargreaves Photo Sarah Hargreaves Behaviour Change Lead at Resource Futures

About Resource Futures

Founded in 2006, Resource Futures is an employee-owned, independent environmental consultancy with a 30-year heritage in the waste and resources industry. Our vision is to create a sustainable world with an approach that helps to ensure we have a positive impact on the way resources are used on the planet.
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Enabling tomorrow's solutions

The Somerset Repair Bus project has been funded by the Ecosurety Exploration Fund which is investing £1million in projects that aim to reduce the environmental impact of packaging, batteries or WEEE through innovation or research in the UK. The fund is the first such opportunity to be launched by a UK compliance scheme. It builds on Ecosurety’s experience in supporting innovative projects and new technologies across the waste and recycling sector.
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