Civil sanction support

We can help you avoid the risks of prosecution for non-compliance through the civil sanction process
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What you need to know

The penalty for non-compliance can hit a company hard, causing significant financial and reputational damage. The key is to engage with the relevant environment agency as soon as possible. We can help guide you through the process to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • A civil sanction is a voluntary way for a company to rectify past non-compliance
  • Civil sanctions allow a company to volunteer avoided costs and donate it to charity
  • If accepted a civil sanction means a company can avoid a costly and negative prosecution

Impact assessment

We analyse your company's situation and explain in a bespoke, detailed technical report your avoided costs of non-compliance using the Environment Agency's approved methodologies.

Avoided cost analysis

We analyse total contributions required, including recommendations on environment agencies fees for the current compliance period.

Preparation for an agency interview

The appropriate agency will go through a process of requesting information or conducting an interview under caution before deciding to prosecute. Ecosurety cannot be present at interview but we can help you to prepare beforehand.

Enforcement undertaking

We complete the enforcement undertaking form on your behalf and work with you to ensure you are happy with the data and contributions being offered.

Environmental concern portfolio

Civil sanctions require companies to give the bulk of money owed to a charity of environmental concern, which does not in any way benefit the company. We will provide guidance on this choice by access to our portfolio of recommended charities.

Liaison with appropriate Agency and Environmental Concern

We will take the hassle out of completing the civil sanction process, by liaising with all relevant Agency representatives and your chosen Environmental Concern.

Certificate of completion

Once the appropriate Agency has accepted that you have fully complied with the Enforcement Undertaking, we will apply for a certificate of completion on your behalf.

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Alternatively you can email us at info@ecosurety.com. Our team of experts are happy to guide you through the civil sanction process
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