Extended Producer Responsibility

Phased in from 1 January 2023, EPR is expected to be fully implemented in the UK by 2027. Find out here all you need to know for your business to comply with the legislation changes.

What is Extended Producer Responsibility?

EPR is a regulatory tool that requires producers to be significantly responsible for their post-consumer product. This responsibility can be fulfilled through financial payments or by undertaking physical collections. The aim of EPR frameworks is to incentivise more sustainable product design, increase re-use and recycling, and boost collection rates and it is set to impact packaging producers in the UK.
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EPR is here- are you prepared?

New measures for packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) started to be phased in from 1 January 2023 to increase the responsibility producers must bear for the packaging they place on the market. Make sure you act now. The new measures are more complex and for some will be significantly more expensive than the previous UK packaging producer responsibility regulations they replace, that were in place since 1997. In the Resources and Waste Strategy, government also committed to consult on EPR for WEEE, batteries and five other waste streams – textiles, fishing equipment, bulky waste, construction waste and vehicle tyres.

Packaging EPR

Packaging EPR measures are now being phased in to increase responsibility producers must bear for the packaging they place on the market. Make sure you act now.

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Deposit Return Scheme

The DRS is set to be implemented in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in 2027. All producers of in-scope drink containers will be required to meet a collection target set by government. Are you affected?

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Plastic Packaging Tax

All businesses manufacturing or importing plastic packaging must keep records and notify liability when certain conditions are met.

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New waste stream EPR

Defra committed to review and consult on Extended Producer Responsibility and product standards for five new waste streams including tyres, mattresses and bulky waste by the end of 2025. Find out if you may be impacted.

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