Impact reports

Our annual impact reports detail how we make a positive impact beyond compliance, on behalf of our members


Transparently documenting our impact, key learns and next steps

Since 2017 we have released an annual impact report that details the tangible impact that we have made beyond compliance on behalf of our members.

The purpose of the impact report is to not only share our successes - we are committed to also openly share our key learns, things we plan to do differently and our next steps in the year ahead. On this page you can request a copy of each of our annual impact reports, including our most recent 2022/2023 edition.

2022/2023 impact report - available now!

Our sixth annual impact report provides a transparent account of our continued commitment to positively impacting the environment, communities, and our people. It highlights the projects we have supported in 2022 on behalf of our members, and our achievements beyond compliance, and our 2023 commitments.




2021 impact report 

Our 2021 impact report aims to demonstrate how we value accountability and transparency while sharing how we have used business as a force for good on behalf of our members. The report shows how we have invested across three key areas of planet, people, and community and the benefits that have taken place as a result. It also details our investment commitments for 2022.




2020 impact report 

Our latest impact report details our response to the COVID pandemic and features the four projects funded through the Ecosurety Exploration Fund. It also details a wide range of projects including the Podback coffee pod recycling scheme, the Pets at Home pouch recycling trial, battery collections with Cancer Research UK that help raise money for charity and our policy work with government.





2019 impact report

Released in 2020, over 39 pages it features the launch of the Ecosurety Exploration Fund, collaborative on-the-go recycling campaigns #InTheLoop and #LeedsByExample, innovation projects PolyMet and Polytag, an e-waste amnesty, a household battery recycling awareness campaign, our regulatory policy impact and community volunteering activities, to name a few.







2018 impact report

Released in 2019, the 2018 impact report summarised our activities from collaborative consumer campaigns through to supporting new innovation and infrastructure.





2017 impact report

Released in 2018, our first ever impact report summarised the wide range of activities we undertook on behalf of our members in 2017, going beyond compliance to make a change for good.




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