Blog: From recycling to reuse: change is on the horizon

Today, World Refill Day, marks what should become one of the most important days on the global environmental awareness calendar.

There is no doubt that the need for society to use less packaging and move away from single-use packaging is a crucial underpinning for brands and businesses re-evaluating how their products are presented. But this shift in consumer behaviour can be accelerated if the entire commercial ecosystem evolves and, businesses and brands prioritise reduction and reuse over recycling.

New independent research released today by the environmental charity, City to Sea, reveals that 93% of the people surveyed would like to see more refill and reuse options available. So, despite recent challenges imposed by the cost-of-living crisis, which make it harder for consumers to make sustainable purchasing decisions - there is still an appetite for change.   

Although change is happening, the pace is slow. The task which lies ahead of us - to find ways for society to use less packaging and move away from single-use packaging where possible, will require all hands on deck. 

Though there are no simple solutions, it is encouraging to see great brands and businesses expressing a willingness to take up the challenge to try new things to work out how re-fill and re-use can replace single-use packaging.

At Ecosurety, our purpose is to accelerate change to an environmentally sustainable world. We have spent the past 19 years, since the company was formed, focused on ensuring that more recycling takes place, less waste is produced, and that the quality of recycling improves.

The adage rings true that ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’, and we have made great progress in this. Important milestones of our actions to make a positive impact on recycling are the various awareness campaigns such as #LeedsByExample and the subsequent #InTheLoop on-the-go recycling campaigns, but also our £1million Ecosurety Exploration Fund supporting so far seven projects aiming at reducing the environmental impact of packaging, batteries or e-waste.

We are happy to announce today our eighth and final funded project, the Bristol Refill Cup Scheme, an innovative initiative launched in Bristol with environmental charity City to Sea, to help tackle the astonishing number of single-use cups consumed with 99% currently not recycled. This city-wide scheme will enable consumers to ‘borrow’ a reusable takeaway cup from a café and then return it so it can be reused.

As a leading packaging compliance scheme and a B Corp, our role is to help our clients to make more sustainable packaging decisions and reduce the amount of packaging they use and their carbon footprint, and we believe refill trials like this one in Bristol are a great start. 

Ecosurety is excited to be at the forefront of this change that is needed in society, and we are committed to helping accelerate the shift in consumer behaviour by making it easy for people to use refillable cups when they are away from home.

Will Ghali

Chief Executive Officer

Will Ghali is CEO of Ecosurety, responsible for leading the Ecosurety team and the strategic direction of the company. He ensures that we continue to deliver the highest level of transparency and service to our members whilst fulfilling our purpose to enable change for good, to make a positive impact on the quality of recycling.

Written by Will Ghali Published 16/06/2022 Topics Sustainability
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