Celebrating B Corp month - Being a better business with CEO Will Ghali

Our final Q&A during B Corp month focuses on governance and what it means to be a 'better business', with CEO Will Ghali.


Will Ghali CEO EcosuretyHi Will - please can you introduce yourself and your role at Ecosurety?

Hi, I’m Will and I joined Ecosurety as CEO at the start of this year in January. I’m excited to have joined Ecosurety at a time when more and more organisations are coming to us for help and support on how they can make a difference and be a catalyst for change by reducing waste and making sure that their recycling is environmentally sustainable.

My role as CEO is to help and support the team here at Ecosurety to deliver against our purpose of enabling change for good and to make sure we uphold our values and deliver the highest level of service and quality to our members and business partners.

What does being a B Corp mean to you?

It is a great privilege to be part of a growing network of businesses around the world who have committed to making sure that business is a force for good.

Being a B Corp means balancing purpose with profit and making sure that we behave in an ethical and sustainable way towards our people, our customers and business partners, the environment and the community in which we operate. This commitment is a legal commitment we have made to demonstrate how seriously we take our responsibility towards being a responsible and sustainable business.

We have put governance in place to make sure we have clear objectives and targets to continue to improve our B Corp score. Additionally, we have made a commitment to be net zero before 2030 as part of the accelerated climate action championed by the B Corp community.

What inspiration have you found from other B Corps?

It’s always inspiring to be in contact with a network of like-minded businesses who are committed to doing better business. I enjoy meeting other businesses to hear how they are changing and improving what they do, so we can learn and improve what we do, to be a better business. It’s a great network and one that will continue to provide ideas and inspiration in the future.

Ecosurety has been B Corp certified since April 2020. What has changed for you in your role since then?

I joined Ecosurety at the start of 2021, after the business became a B Corp, but what being a certified B Corp has done is fully embed the principles of considering the environment and all stakeholders, including our people, in everything we do across all functions in the business.  

What does it mean to be a better business?

It means going significantly beyond the minimum expectation when it comes to our people, our partners and the environment. It means making sure we have the right people, processes and governance in place to deliver great service to our members and to be an inspiring place to work for our Ecosurety team.

The Ecosurety Board is committed to making sure through good governance that we deliver change for good and improve transparency in our industry.

B Corp better business

What are the key successes Ecosurety has achieved in this area in the last year?

The last year has been a challenge for many businesses in all kinds of sectors and we have managed to transition the whole business to 100% remote working during the pandemic and continue to deliver great service and quality to our members and keep our Ecosurety team engaged and motivated.

We have used technology to remain connected and have worked hard to make sure our people are cared for, so they can continue to do their work and feel supported. We have grown the team and welcomed new people into the business in order to deal with the increased demand from our members for quality service.

We have strengthened our business partnerships with existing members and have taken on new members and received very positive feedback and endorsement for what we do. These are great achievements in any year, but particularly in the past 12 months.

What are the challenges ahead? 

We’re looking forward to the opportunity to influence how the recycling industry changes over the coming years, to become more transparent and to shape how the principles of Extended Producer Responsibility will be implemented to ensure that more recycling takes place, making more efficient use of the scarce resources and materials that exist.

We will play our part to help shift the UK towards a more sustainable circular economy. I’m also looking forward to adapting and evolving our services to continue to add value to our members and create change in the compliance market by investing in building quality recycling infrastructure in the UK.

Lastly, what one thing do you like the most about working for a B Corp?

The passion, commitment and energy we have in the team to deliver change for good. It’s inspiring to work with a team of very talented people who share a common goal of doing good business and being a force for good.

We’re on a mission to change the recycling industry for the better and that energy is very exciting.

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Ben Luger

Marketing projects specialist

Ben joined the team at the beginning of 2015 and helps drive marketing communications and projects for Ecosurety, including project managing the launch of the Ecosurety Exploration Fund and website content development.

Written by Ben Luger Published 31/03/2021 Topics Ecosurety
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