Delay to nation of sale packaging data submission

The requirement to submit nation of sale data – an additional reporting deadline under EPR for most producers – has been delayed by Defra.

The original deadline was set for December 2024, relating to 2023 placed on market figures. We now expect the first deadline to be in July 2025 to report 2024 data.  

This is because the ‘main’ EPR regulations that, when in place, will revoke the current 2007 ‘PRN regulations’ and the 2023 EPR data reporting regulations have not yet been passed, in turn delaying the nation of sale reporting requirement, and the small producer reporting requirement 

What do producers still need to do? 

It’s important to note that under the data regulations (mentioned above) in force, producers are still required to collect and retain this data from 1 January 2023, but are now not obliged to submit the 2023 data.  

The nation of sale data requirement is applicable to both small and large organisations if they sell packaging to either a consumer or business end-user. There are several other activities that will also trigger this obligation, such when businesses import and subsequently discard packaging, or when organisations sell packaging to businesses who are not obligated under EPR.  

Nation data is needed to work out how much packaging has been disposed of in each nation, and therefore to what extent recycling targets have been met.  

We will keep our members updated as these regulation updates come into force. If you have any questions please contact your account manager directly or the wider team on info@ecosurety.com.  

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Written by Louisa Goodfellow Published 08/01/2024 Topics Compliance
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