ecosurety achieves fundraising record for charity Deki

ecosurety beats all previous records on the entrepreneurial Tenner Tournament fundraising challenge.

ecosurety has successfully completed the entrepreneurial Tenner Tournament fundraising challenge for innovative micro-finance charity Deki, beating all previous records with a final total of £3,783.57.

Set up in 2010, Deki empowers people living in poverty to create sustainable livelihoods by providing access to ethical microloans and training to entrepreneurs in the developing world. So far Deki has lent more than £400,000 to projects that would ordinarily be denied support, creating a positive impact on an estimated 10,000 lives in some of the poorest countries in the world.

The Tenner Tournament challenges teams within a school or business to transform an initial loan of £10 into as much money as possible within a four week period, using only entrepreneurial skills and enterprising ideas. All ecosurety personnel competed in the month long challenge, resulting in a variety of money and awareness raising initiatives and events.

The winning team successfully ran a micro-business selling old IT equipment and EEE (electronic and electrical equipment) whilst other efforts included sport tournaments, pub quizzes and an auction of the executive board.

Some initiatives have proved to be so popular they are set to continue raising money for Deki beyond the tournament, including a viral ‘Deki bear’ donation project and a staff tuck shop.


ecosurety achieve fundraising record for charity Deki


“We were really impressed with ecosurety's enthusiasm and commitment to the Deki Tenner Tournament - the teams showed great tenacity in their business ideas over the last month and clearly had lots of fun." commented Bryony Spooner, Marketing and Communications Director at Deki. "I am proud to say they turned their £10 loans into the largest amount of money raised ever in the Tenner Tournament yet. All the money made will now be invested by the teams directly into entrepreneurs businesses in Africa.” 

Our involvement with Deki for the Tenner Tournament has undoubtedly had a positive impact within ecosurety, engaging our whole team to think beyond their everyday activities and collaborate with colleagues they ordinarily may not work with. Knowing that our efforts are directly helping those who are striving for a better life in the most challenging of circumstances is incredible - we are committed to continue our support of Deki well into the future.

About ecosurety

ecosurety was set up in 2003 (originally as Budget Pack) and specialises in sustainable business practice, driving efficiencies at every level for its 1,000-plus UK member companies.>

Its market-leading integrated services span sustainable strategy, waste, compliance and intelligent reporting. In 2014 the company received the Institute of Directors' Corporate Responsibility Award for the South West. 

By shaping and supporting best practice in waste and recycling ecosurety is driving greater efficiency in the resource cycle and reducing demand for raw materials. By 2020 ecosurety is targeting influence over 1 million tonnes of waste.

About Deki

Vashti Seth set up the charity Deki in 2010 after being inspired by the hardships of Deki Dolkha, a Tibetan refugee her father had sponsored. Pioneering person-to-person microloans in the UK, Vashti was awarded an Honorary Degree of Master of Business Administration by the University of the West of England in recognition of her pioneering social entrepreneurship. She is also Social Enterprise Ambassador for the region and was shortlisted for Woman of the Year by Red Magazine.

Deki was the first charity in the UK to raise loan capital through lenders and donors on our crowd funding website. Individual lenders in the UK and overseas have the opportunity to lend from £10 to a chosen entrepreneur. Through an increased income our entrepreneurs have the ability to support their extended family and have a positive impact on the local community. On average a Deki loan has a positive impact on the livelihoods of five or more people.

Deki is a charity, registered in the UK by the Charity Commission. Registered charity no. 1137047

You can find out more about Deki by visiting www.deki.org.uk 


James Piper

Non-Executive Director

James Piper is a non-executive director of Ecosurety, having previously taken on the role of CEO for nearly five years when he was now focused on leading the development of new products and services that not only benefited producers, but helped to drive change for good and a positive impact on UK recycling.

Written by James Piper Published 20/02/2015 Topics Ecosurety

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