ecosurety and SHP Ltd help members Clear-IT! with new door-to-door WEEE collection

Clear-IT! collects redundant mobile phones, laptops and PCs from premises and has the backing of Lord Digby Jones, chairman of SHP Ltd.

ecosurety members who want to dispose of unwanted IT equipment in the New Year now have the option of secure collections from their doorstep, following an agreement between the leading resource efficiency specialist and UK electronics recycling company SHP Ltd.

The initiative, known as Clear-IT!, and which has the backing of Lord Digby Jones, recovers and recycles computer, mobile phones, laptops, PCs and other items designated under the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.

SHP LtdSHP Ltd, which is chaired by Lord Jones, will arrange collection, process the waste and securely destroy data. Should the intrinsic value remain positive, ecosurety’s 1, 000 members across the UK could potentially receive a rebate, once charges are removed.

ecosurtey members range predominantly across manufacturing, imports, technology, retail and food and drink sectors. The joint initiative was agreed following checks on SHP Ltd’s data systems, reporting and CSR programmes.

ecosurety members interested in the ClearIT! initiative should contact SHP Ltd by clicking the CONTACT NOW button in the circle at the top right of this page.

A compelling service

James Piper commercial directorJames Piper, Commercial Director at ecosurety (pictured left) explains, “ecosurety has always been extremely keen to promote collections of redundant IT equipment, but there has been always the potential barrier of how best to ensure data security, an increasingly important consideration for companies that rely on business information systems for their competitive edge, not to mention the very real danger of corporate data falling into the wrong hands.

“Following discussions, we are more than satisfied SHP Ltd has the right processes in place to offer members a compelling service, with peace of mind that all necessary steps have been taken for the secure and efficient re-use of their IT equipment.”

ecosurety will promote the collection, recycling and reuse of members’ redundant IT and telephonic equipment through SHP Ltd and work with them to ensure provision of  evidence of re-use and recycling as required by the UK WEEE Regulations.

Optimum re-use of WEEE

Lord Digby Jones backs the ecosurety ClearIT! initiative to re-use redundant IT equipment and WEEELord Jones (pictured left) welcomes the joint initiative, “We believe that our services complement the demands of Producer Responsibility and I am delighted that SHP has linked up with ecosurety both to ensure optimum re-use of WEEE and to extend their member opportunities through our professional service provision”.

SHP‘s Marketing Director, Simon Walsh adds “SHP Ltd currently manages more than 1.2 million products through our facility, securely sanitising data products for re-marketing or recycling. We welcome our growing relationship with ecosurety – strengthening our future growth strategy”.

To discuss IT recycling requirements, email contact@shplimited.co.uk or call 01524 580 900.

For more information, or an image of James Piper and Lord Jones, please contact Sarah Chidgey on 07805034477 or email sarah@netpr.me.uk

About ecosurety 

Founded in 2003, ecosurety is the UK’s leading resource efficiency specialist with end to end services including environmental compliance, waste and resource management, training and intelligent reporting.  With more than 1,000 customers including The Co-operative Group, Innocent, BSkyB and Britvic, ecosurety is leading change in approaches to waste and compliance throughout the UK, driving ever greater efficiencies of resource use.

Committed to reducing the environmental impact of UK businesses while improving performance, ecosurety is targeting to influence over one million tonnes of waste by 2020.

About SHP Ltd

SHP Ltd provides secure IT and Telecommunication asset management of redundant IT and telecommunication equipment with approved data erasure and destruction services as standard. Find out more at www.shplimited.co.uk.

Stéphanie Housty

Head of Marketing & Sustainability

Stéphanie joined Ecosurety as marketing manager in 2015 after 15 years performing operational and strategical marketing roles in both B2C and B2B global businesses. In addition to shaping the marketing and communication strategy, she is in charge of moving up the dial on Ecosurety’s social and environmental impact by driving the sustainability strategy.

Written by Stéphanie Housty Published 15/01/2016 Topics Sustainability

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