ecosurety helps JoJo Maman Bebe comply with ESOS and reduce emissions

JoJo Maman Bébé Ltd is one of the UK’s leading mother and baby brands. With over 250 employees the company triggered a threshold for ESOS compliance.

ecosurety help JoJo Maman Bebe comply with ESOS

A leading UK brand

The company has a strong environmental ethos and needed an effective strategy for ESOS compliance. Importantly ESOS was the perfect opportunity to assess its energy usage and decide if real energy and cost savings could be made.

The company spoke to ecosurety’s ESOS technical team to find the best way to audit their organisation, discover where effective energy savings could be implemented, and ultimately achieve compliance.

Selecting the right Lead Assessor

Having partnered with a number of Lead Assessors, all of whom are energy experts covering a range of industries, ecosurety described to the JoJo how it would go about choosing an assessor that would best complete energy assessments and audits in line with the company’s environmental needs and ethos.

It was agreed JoJo’s Lead Assessor would be an expert in their industry, giving JoJo the confidence that recommendations about where energy savings could be implemented would be cost-effective intervention measures, uniquely tailored for their organisation.

The impact of each of these savings opportunities would reflect the processes and procedures of JoJo. Even the summary reports would focus on presenting identified opportunities in a way that suited the company’s management concerns, business efficiency, cost and energy savings, cost of implementation and payback.

It was agreed with JoJo that surveys would be carried out on seven retail premises, the main Head Office and also the main Distribution Centre, all of which would be included in the report.

Kicking-off ESOS

ecosurety and JoJo kicked off with a meeting to introduce the Lead Assessor to the organisation. Together they discovered what JoJo knew about ESOS, what the brand’s motivations and drivers were and howtogether they would complete the ESOS process.

Assessing the scope of the audit

JoJo was tasked with gathering information on energy and fuel use. Once received, the Lead Assessor could determine which parts of the organisation needed to be audited and what information was already available.

The ESOS audit comprised of measuring and understanding the energy consumption of JoJo’s assets and activities.

ecosurety was then able to build an energy consumption profile showing where and how JoJo consumes energy, enabling the Lead Assessor to compile a list of cost-effective intervention measures.

Substantial financial and carbon savings

JoJo provided full energy consumption figures for all its buildings and company vehicles. The data allowed a full review of the energy consumption across the whole portfolio.

Generally all the retail properties were found to be extremely efficient in their running. There were however a few options that could be explored that would make even greater energy savings and carbon reductions.

Many of the improvements were relatively minor in terms of energy savings in individual stores, but when expanded across all of the retail premises, could amount to substantial financial and carbon savings.

Using these savings across the stores and those at the two larger Head Office and distribution Centre sites, Lead Assessors calculated that there were potential savings of over £46,000 and 180 Tonnes of CO2.

What did the Member say?

“ecosurety demonstrated how it would carry out the main processes for ESOS compliance in agreement with ourselves. This was important to us because I was keen to build a business case for implementation of energy and cost savings." said Joanne Elson, compliance manager at Jojo Maman Bébé Ltd "The steps can be complicated but they simplified the process and agreed to present the opportunities in a way that is readily understandable and fits with the organisation’s own energy reduction objectives.”

Colin Porter, compliance technical specialist at ecosurety, commented “The work with JoJo underlined how ecosurety’s technical team takes a unique approach to ESOS compliance, understands a brand’s business and environmental drivers and carries out audits and conversations in a way that enables a brand to best reduce waste.”

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