Ecosurety release packaging EPR consultation response

Ecosurety has publicly shared its response to the Defra consultation that seeks to radically improve the positive impact of the packaging compliance system.

Defra launched of a series of detailed consultations back in February, inviting feedback from across industry on the best approach to implement a number of key, fundamental reforms for how packaging waste is handled in the UK, including extended producer responsibility. 

This followed an investigation by the National Audit Office in 2018 that declared the UK’s existing EPR system as unfit for purpose, leading the Government to launch its ambitious Resources & Waste Strategy in December. This strategy sets out plans to comprehensively reform the UK’s approach to managing waste materials and move the UK towards a more circular economy.

Ecosurety has made its response to the 'Consultation on reforming the UK packaging producer responsibility system' publicly available, ahead of the 13 May deadline. This includes reference to the alternative 'Centralised competition' model for the future of EPR governance proposed by Ecosurety last month. The complete response can be downloaded by completing the short form below.

A unique opportunity to collaborate

Robbie Staniforth, head of policy at Ecosurety, commented "Producers should regard the consultations as a unique opportunity to collaborate in the redesign of a packaging waste system that is likely to be in place for at least the next 20 years."

"We have publicly shared our official response to the packaging EPR consultation ahead of the closing date so that members of our scheme and other stakeholders who share our view that the new system must have lasting positive impact and be fair for all, can access our detailed responses when considering their own. It is crucially important that as many stakeholders as possible take the time to respond to the consultation."


Have your say

The Government’s consultation on reforming the UK packaging producer responsibility system is open to businesses, trade bodies, local authorities, waste management companies and recycling companies. The deadline for submissions is Monday 13 May.

You can respond to the consultation by clicking here: https://consult.defra.gov.uk/environmental-quality/consultation-on-reforming-the-uk-packaging-produce/

If you have any questions about the consultation, please contact our team.

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Written by Ben Luger Published 02/05/2019 Topics Consultations
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