ecosurety team recognised with Valuable Content Award

We are extremely proud that our team of specialists have been recognised for a uniquely collaborative approach to producing high quality news and blogs.

ecosurety Valuable Content AwardThe much sought after Valuable Content Award was created by Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton at Valuable Content, simply because ‘Great content deserves prizes’. They reward companies who consistently produce outstanding content, with the winners getting a coveted Valuable Content Award badge to display on their website (plus a real badge to wear!). 

Sonja and Sharon were particularly impressed with our teamwork at ecosurety. Too often a marketing department is solely responsible for churning out news and blogs, with limited support from experts in the business. We don’t see the value of working like this however, especially for our members and the thousands who visit our website each month!

‘ecosurety has successfully created a solid team of content creators across the business – a culture of content creation and sharing. We’re hugely impressed by their collaborative approach.’ 
Sonja Jefferson, Valuable Content

For quite a while now we have successfully utilised our entire team of specialists to produce the news and blog content for our website, because let’s face it, they are exactly who our audience needs to hear it from. By harnessing their expertise and letting the various voices that make up our team shine through, we can offer a high quality and interesting flow of useful content. We cover not only the essential regulation updates but also our CSR activities, industry news and the wider issues that our team inherently care about.

Far from being a challenge, I am proud to say that our team take on this task as part of their day-to-day job with great relish. Indeed we recently updated our news portal to better present their hard work, making it even easier for our members and website visitors to stay up to date with all our blogs and news. We also included new features, including a comments section so you contribute your own views and opinions right on the same page - so please do get involved too!

To find out more you can read our full interview on the Valuable Content website.

Ben Luger

Marketing communication specialist

Ben joined the team at the beginning of 2015 to help drive the marketing communications for Ecosurety, working closely with all areas of the business to help spread the good word!

Written by Ben Luger Published 22/06/2016 Topics Ecosurety

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