End of year administrative amendments to the WEEE regulations

It is almost two years since the revised waste electrical and electronic equipment regulations 2013 were published and in that time we have seen significant changes in the WEEE system.

On the 25 December 2015 the government will be implementing additional adjustments to the current regulations, although this time they are largely administrative amendments.

The planned amendments

  • Reg 20: Enables producers to deduct exports of EEE placed on market within the compliance period from their reporting
  • Reg 27A: Provides for notification and adjustment of a scheme's WEEE target if a member goes into administration/liquidation/receivership
  • Reg 51: Maintains prohibition on the visible fee for a household EEE product – preventing producers and distributors from displaying the cost of recycling EEE items at point of sale

Other changes tidy procedural legal requirements to facilitate a more efficient implementation of the WEEE system.

Consistent approach to grey areas

James Champ, Senior Compliance Specialist at ecosurety commented “It is encouraging that the regulations are reviewed regularly. The proposed amendments should provide a consistent approach to grey areas within the regulations. Whilst the WEEE system as a whole will see the impact of these changes, our members are not likely to feel any change and should not be concerned”.

Since the changes proposed are not by their nature considered to effect policy, there was no requirement for government to formalise a consultation. The new waste electrical and electronic equipment (amendment) regulations 2015 are due to come into force on 25 December 2015.

If you would like to speak to one of our specialists about your WEEE obligations, simply get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

James Champ

Technical manager

James joined the compliance team in August 2012 and now holds the role of technical manager. He is responsible for managing all regulator requirements across packaging, WEEE and batteries compliance regulations, and for overseeing our WEEE and batteries collections. In particular, James takes an active interest in quality improvement both for clients' data methodologies and internally to improve business efficiency.

Written by James Champ Published 22/12/2015 Topics Compliance

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