Intelligent food waste label launches

Innovative food label holds promise for smart tracking of food freshness in the supply chain.

An intelligent label that helps businesses know when to rotate food stock has been launched by Insignia Technologies.

Insignia's stock rotation smart label is attached to a box or pallet of fresh produce and it starts to change colour over a pre-calibrated time period.

The smart label means that at any point in the supply chain it is possible to see how fresh the fruit, vegetables, meat or dairy goods are in the box.

It is also temperature sensitive so will adjust depending on changes in temperature.

Between 30 per cent and 50 per cent of food produced globally never reaches the consumer, so experts agree that innovation in the food sector to reduce waste across the supply chain is much-needed.

Insignia’s patented technology is the outcome of five years research and development at the University of Strathclyde’s Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, followed by two years of further research in laboratories at BioCity Scotland.

Steve Clark

Non-Executive Director

Steve established Ecosurety in 2003 in response to the lack of flexibility, innovation and customer-focus in the compliance scheme market. He took inspiration from the mobile phone market, which continues to provide a diverse range of pick-and-mix options for the customer, and built the original business on a commitment to provide flexible, friendly and tailored support for all clients.

He is passionate about bringing the latest business concepts from other markets and industries and applying them to the environmental sector for the benefit of clients.

Written by Steve Clark Published 16/10/2014 Topics Sustainability

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