Packaging compliance insight with BMW UK: direct registration vs compliance scheme

There are a number of brands who register directly with the Environment Agency, so what exactly are the advantages of registering with a scheme like Ecosurety? Here BMW UK Ltd share their experiences, having made the transition last year.

Tom Sherifi BMWTom Sherifi, Environmental Programmes Manager at BMW UK Ltd, took on the packaging registration for the first time in 2015. At the time BMW UK Ltd were registered directly with the Environment Agency and Tom had to get stuck straight into the challenges of the unpredictable PRN market. 

BMW UK Ltd already had a long-standing relationship with Ecosurety however, having been registered with our scheme under the UK batteries regulations for many years, so Tom enlisted our help with the packaging registration at the beginning of 2016, when they joined our packaging compliance scheme.

Here Tom shares his experience and key learns from the journey of going from a direct registrant to a scheme member.

Firstly Tom, could you describe your feelings about the packaging producer responsibility regulations in general and how they affect BMW UK Ltd? 

I feel that the packaging producer responsibility regulations are a necessity for the control of pollution. As a producer of premium products it is extremely important that we do our part in ensuring compliance to these regulations and in turn it is important that our products arrive into our network in perfect condition. This requires a reliance on good quality packaging and of course its subsequent collection and recycling.

What was your initial experience of being a direct registrant for packaging?

Being a direct registrant was complicated and involved too many processes, not to mention market uncertainty and volatility.   

Was it an easy decision for you to join a compliance scheme then?

Yes, BMW UK Ltd decided to join a compliance scheme after the volatility of the PRN market in 2015. The commodities market was changing rapidly and our budget wasn’t aligned with the cost of PRNs. Joining up with a compliance scheme seemed a far better option to avoid this happening in the future.

And how has being with a scheme changed the way BMW manages packaging compliance?

It has become a much calmer process from the beginning of the year, all the way through to the actual purchasing of the PRNs and final data submission.

What difference has it made to not have to procure PRNs yourself?

Well it has freed up a huge amount of time, as well as leaving the business less exposed to the changing commodities market. I can now concentrate on other aspects of my job! I would absolutely recommend joining a compliance scheme.

What tips would you have for the other auto-makers who need to make the packaging declaration?

Having managed the submission of packaging for both the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sides of the business for several years, it was a process that never seemed to get any easier, even with experience. Now we are with a scheme like Ecosurety, I’m confident that we’ll get our PRNs purchased at the right price and fully in time within the submission window.

Either become an expert in the complex packaging producer regulations or let the experts deal with it to free up your time for other aspects of your job.

Tom, thank you for your time and for sharing your insights.

To find out how your organisation can benefit from joining a compliance scheme, contact our team on 0333 4330 370 or email info@ecosurety.com.


Olivia Green

Key account manager

Olivia joined Ecosurety in October 2014 as a Graduate account specialist. Now, as a key account manager, her role involves working with our members to provide support across all aspects of the company.

Written by Olivia Green Published 28/02/2017 Topics Packaging

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