Promising WEEE collection figures released for Q1 2023

Across the first quarter of 2023, a total of 120,433 tonnes of household WEEE has been collected, showing a slight increase of 562 tonnes compared to WEEE collected in Q1 2022.

All categories are on track to meet this year’s target, with the exception of consumer equipment, monitoring and control instruments, automatic dispensers and cooling appliances which are all trailing slightly behind the expected rate of collections.

Overall, we are seeing a 26% progress towards the targets which is promising. If the collections rate continue this year, we may see targets being reached for the first time in six years.



Louisa Goodfellow, Policy Advisor at Ecosurety commented “It is positive to see collection figures tracking over 25% towards the annual target, which has not always been the case in previous years. The drop in collections at the tail end of 2022 were attributed to inflationary pressures and increased energy prices affecting transport and treatment costs. It’s also likely that cost of living pressures are affecting sales of consumer electrical items.

We hope the upcoming consultation – now due after the local election purdah period - seeks to address the issues in WEEE collections that has meant the compliance fee has had to be used for the last six consecutive year, and overall recycling figures consistently increase”.

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Written by Sophie Clelland Published 13/06/2023 Topics WEEE
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