Q1 battery collections data on target

The portable batteries collection data relating to the first quarter of 2023 was released on 31 May. 

Portable batteries are collected by compliance schemes throughout the year and delivered to Approved Battery Treatment Operators (ABTOs) and Approved Battery Exporters (ABEs), who in turn issue evidence of recycling. The amount of evidence issued is the measure employed to evaluate whether the UK reaches it 45% portable battery recycling rate.  

The report states that 8,110.7 tonnes of portable batteries were placed on the UK market since the start of the year. The UK’s indicative total obligations stands at 16,101.8 tonnes for 2023, whereas the total tonnage of waste portable batteries collected as of the end of March is 5,189.2.  

Portable battery 2023 Q1 data (tonnes) 

A persistent and well noted discrepancy within the data lies in the difference between lead-acid batteries reported as placed on the market (305.8 tonnes) and reported as collected for recycling (3,034.2 tonnes). This is likely due to a number of reasons, and chiefly due to the intrinsic value of these battery types, the high price of evidence they command and misreporting.  

The consultation on reforming the battery producer responsibility system is scheduled to be released later this year, and a top priority will be addressing the over-evidencing of lead-acid categories, amongst other reporting anomalies. 

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Written by Louisa Goodfellow Published 06/06/2023 Topics Batteries
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