UK Plastics Pact

Supporting UK Plastic Pact members to make unnecessary single-use plastic a thing of the past

A unique coalition

The UK Plastics Pact, led by WRAP, launched in April 2018 with 42 founding members as a unique coalition who were committed to make unnecessary single-use plastic packaging “a thing of the past”. It now has over 140 member organisations, including Ecosurety who joined as a technical advisor.
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Ambitious targets

The Plastics Pact aims to bring together the whole plastics packaging value chain to back a common vision and an ambitious set of targets that will ultimately help create a circular economy for plastics (click 'Show more' below). In December 2019 the first annual report to be published revealed key insights thanks to UK Plastics Pact members submitting comprehensive data for the first time, giving a clear indication of progress towards the targets.
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UK Plastics Pact

UK Plastics Pact

UK Plastics Pact

UK Plastics Pact

Bespoke data dashboards

We work directly with our members who were required to report on their packaging portfolio as part of their commitment to The UK Plastics Pact. This includes assessment of the recyclability of the various materials used, from tubs and trays through to film and wrappers and the quantities placed on the market.
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Using data to drive change

Data analysis can be a complex task for large producers with multiple groups of companies and an extensive supply chain for the raw packaging materials.

By crunching the data and presenting it in bespoke dashboards, we enable members to not only easily submit their data to The UK Plastics Pact, but to use it to drive change within their organisation.

Visualising across the whole organisation and product range where problematic materials are being used, we help producers to efficiently identify where to remove plastic or make it recyclable.

UK Plastics Pact dashboard

"As The UK Plastics Pact has such clear targets, using members’ data we can track their progress against the targets. We can highlight problem packaging that members should focus their efforts on, and create dashboards that can help internal teams visualise the best and worst performing packaging categories. These tools are here to help UK Plastics Pact members create the change that the Pact aims to bring.” Anna Ford Client data analyst, Ecosurety

Collaborative action groups

To help drive the delivery of The UK Plastics Pact targets, Collaborative Action Groups regularly meet to bring together the key players who can share and review evidence and agree where work should be focused on. Ecosurety contribute to eight different Collaborative Action Groups and in 2019 we actively participated with the Citizen Engagement Action Group at four events throughout the year.
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The purpose of The UK Plastics Pact Citizen Engagement action group is to enable brands, retailers, NGOs and the recycling industry to work together to encourage citizens to recycle more and better in order to reach the target of “70% of plastic packaging effectively recycled or composted by 2025”.

Whilst government and businesses have a critical role to play to ensure this target is met, citizen engagement is an essential cog in the system. If households do not reduce, reuse and recycle plastics, the Pact targets will not be met. A collective effort is required to ensure that citizens understand their role and contribute so that a 70% recycling rate for plastic packaging can be realised.


2020 and beyond

Since we began assisting members with UK Plastics Pact reporting in 2018, it has become clear that data sets are improving in clarity as we progress year-on-year along the pathway to the targets, building on efficiencies and realising more opportunities. For those starting out on the journey, our advice is to start with fixing the known problems and work on the gaps as you find them to ensure steady progress is made. We are committed to contribute to the Collaborative Action Groups and support our members with their own bespoke reporting requirements.

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