Ground-breaking UK technology to power Finland’s largest plastic recycling plant

Impact Recycling is partnering with Syklo Ltd, a circular economy growth company, to build the largest plastic recycling plant in Finland, using innovative BOSS technology.

The plant is due to be commissioned in 2025 in Hyvinkää, Finland. It will be one of a kind, even on a European scale, due to ground-breaking BOSS technology. The technology will efficiently sort waste plastic types according to their density. This will ensure the resulting material-specific streams can be readily recycled.

The plant’s production capacity is projected to be 50,000 tonnes annually and will increase Finland’s plastic recycling capacity by up to 50 percent.

State-of-the-art technology

Impact Recycling’s BOSS (Baffled Oscillation Separation System) technology enables the separation of different plastic types with very small density differences, overcoming current challenges in recycling mixed post-consumer plastics.

BOSS 3D, supported by Ecosurety in the UK in 2018, utilises well-established technology to accurately sort difficult to recycle, mixed hard plastics by density and buoyancy.

The first plant using BOSS 3D technology opened in 2018 and transformed low-value mixed hard plastic waste into 98% pure stream of polyethylene and polypropylene suitable for manufacturing, with over 500 tonnes of the processed material sold on in 2018. Ecosurety purchased new UK PRNs for its scheme members resulting from this first plant, evidence generated from material that was previously incinerated.

In 2020, BOSS 2D was a winner of the Ecosurety Exploration Fund. BOSS 2D built upon the proven innovation of BOSS 3D to enable flexible plastic films to be accurately and efficiently sorted into uncontaminated, material specific waste streams, which can be readily recycled. The funded project enabled Impact Recycling to successfully develop the technology from concept to a fully working, large-scale prototype that was rigorously trialled with real-world batches of post-consumer flexible plastic waste.

BOSS technologies are accelerating capabilities to extract and recycle mixed plastics from waste streams that would typically be destined for incineration under current practices.

Revolutionising the recycling industry

David Walsh, CEO of Impact Recycling commented, “We are thrilled to be internationalising our ground-breaking plastic recycling technology, which has already proved its effectiveness in the UK. Syklo’s team has demonstrated compelling expertise in the area of circular economy right from the start and we are excited to be working with a future European leader in the field. With our strategic partnership and patented technologies, we believe we can revolutionise the recycling industry and encourage Europe towards a genuine, sustainable and nature positive circular economy,”

Will Ghali, CEO of Ecosurety said, ‘We are proud to see the global impact of this ground-breaking technology, developed in our partnership with Impact Recycling. We are committed to investing in innovations that improve the quality and efficiency of recycling, prevent plastic waste from being incinerated and accelerate the sector towards a more sustainable future.’

Visit our Impact pages to discover more detail about BOSS 2D and BOSS 3D technologies and innovations.

Written by Louise Shellard Published 28/02/2024 Topics Ecosurety
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