B Corp

As a certified B Corporation we balance profit and purpose, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact

We are a B Corp™

We’re in the business of compliance, but we are invested in so much more. We also have a purpose, and that is to accelerate change towards an environmentally sustainable world. This means always aiming to improve everything we do, not only for us but for the world around us. Protecting life on earth guides how we work - that’s why we decided to become a B Corp.

Rigorous social and environmental standards

We became a B Corp in 2020, the first compliance scheme to do so, joining a global community of 4,000 organisations that balance purpose and profit and use business as a force for good. It means more responsibility and a commitment to rigorous social and environmental standards that are assessed by B Lab, representing five key impact areas beyond profit - Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers.
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Our B Impact Score

The B Impact Assessment to become certified is tough! It’s a rigorous evaluation of a company’s impact, it took a lot of work and we’re proud we got there. Since our certification in 2020 we have continued to work on improving our B Impact Assessment score to reach 88.2* in 2021, well above the median score for an ordinary business of 50.9. *Self-assessed score

Best for the world 2021™

We have been recognised with ‘Best for the World 2021™’ B Corp status due to a Governance score that ranked Ecosurety in the top 5% worldwide in its group size. Our Governance score of 23.3 out of 25 recognises the strength of our mission and engagement, including real commitments to make a positive environmental impact.
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Forward thinking

We are committed to lead and improve, with a board objective to improve our B Corp score year on year. We're developing a sustainability roadmap and implementing an action plan to make sure we achieve it. We have also pledged to become net zero before 2030. We know we’re not perfect. This is just the beginning of our journey and we plan to share our progress transparently and honestly.
Our net zero commitment
“Being a B Corp has become an intrinsic part of our identity as a business driving positive change and we will continue collaborating with the global B Corp community to improve and positively impact all our stakeholders.” Louise Granville-Smith Photo Louise Granville-Smith Chief Financial Officer