We work hard to encourage people to recycle better.

Everyone has an important part to play in recycling.

Except that sometimes they just don't know it. We are involved in different projects around the UK that not only demonstrate how everyone can do their bit and why it is so important, but encourage that change to happen. Because the more we all know, the more we can all do.


Bringing together a unique coalition of major brands, recyclers, local businesses and a local authority to tackle the significant problem of on-the-go recycling.

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An electrifying awareness campaign to raise awareness about e-waste in the Bristol community.

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Working towards Zero Avoidable Packaging waste in construction - winner of the 2022 Ecosurety Exploration Fund.

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Fit for reuse

Alleviating poverty through electricals reuse - winner of the 2020 Ecosurety Exploration Fund.

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Our Edinburgh #InTheLoop

The UK’s biggest collaborative approach to recycling on-the-go arrived in Edinburgh, bringing on-street recycling to the city for the first time.

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Recycle Week

Supporting the national campaign that takes place every year to promote recycling.

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Swansea #InTheLoop

The UK’s biggest collaborative approach to recycling on-the-go arrived in Swansea, the second UK city to join the nationwide campaign backed by industry giants.

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Boosting kerbside battery collections

May 2019 Ecosurety partnered with Bristol Waste Company to undertake a new trial intervention campaign with 4,000 households located in different areas of Bristol.

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Every Can Counts

Volunteering with Every Can Counts to help boost recycling at Boomtown Fair

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E-waste amnesty

Highlighting the hidden problem of e-waste during Recycle Week 2019 by providing free collections of used batteries and WEEE

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Ribena consumer awareness video

Raising consumer awareness about 100% recycled plastic bottles through PRN spend

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A consumer awareness campaign like no other, run by Ecosurety and Hubbub to raise the volume on battery recycling all the way up to 11!

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Metal recycling campaign

Metals are 100% recyclable, and with extensive kerbside collections there really is no excuse for them to be lost to landfill.

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School recycling workshops

Crown Packaging worked with Ecosurety to invest a proportion of their PRN spend into education workshops with a local school.

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