We work hard to encourage people to recycle better. Here's a selection of our awareness campaigns.


Bringing together a unique coalition of major brands, recyclers, local businesses and a local authority to tackle the significant problem of on-the-go recycling.

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Ribena consumer awareness video

Raising consumer awareness about 100% recycled plastic bottles through PRN spend

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A consumer awareness campaign like no other, run by Ecosurety and Hubbub to raise the volume on battery recycling all the way up to 11!

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Metal recycling campaign

Metals are 100% recyclable, and with extensive kerbside collections there really is no excuse for them to be lost to landfill.

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School recycling workshops

Crown Packaging worked with Ecosurety to invest a proportion of their PRN spend into education workshops with a local school.

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Download our impact report

Our 2018 impact report shows where we have invested to improve quality UK recycling on behalf of our members, and the benefits and learnings that have occurred as a result.
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