We invest in new infrastructure to improve UK recycling.

We help get pioneering recycling schemes and operations going.

Ensuring we have effective systems in place and enough capacity to process our own waste just makes sense. Once the nuts and bolts are in place, new facilities and systems can keep running into the future. That's why we invest in new UK infrastructure.

WasteAid UK

Sharing recycling skills around the world to beat poverty, pollution & climate change.

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Bristol Refill Cup Scheme

Reducing the amount of single-use cups entering Bristol’s waste stream - winner of the 2022 Ecosurety Exploration Fund.

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The Flexible Plastic Fund

The collaborative fund giving value to flexible plastic packaging so it is properly recycled.

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The Fixy project

Empowering and connecting rural communities through reuse and repair - winner of the 2022 Ecosurety Exploration Fund.

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The voluntary coffee pod recycling scheme covering the majority of the UK market.

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Cancer Research UK battery collections

Boosting cancer research and battery collections.

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Pet food pouch recycling trial

Reducing plastic pawprints with a pet food pouch recycling trial with Pets at Home.

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Maximising recycling in purpose built flats

Improving recycling for households in purpose-built flats - winner of the 2020 Ecosurety Exploration Fund.

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Indigo Environmental

Supporting a new UK plastics recycler start-up.

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