The key to making a bigger impact. Here's just a selection of who we've been working with to improve UK recycling.


Since the success of #LeedsByExample, on-the-go recycling has now been dramatically improved in more UK cities including Swansea and Edinburgh, all thanks to an unprecedented collaborative effort.
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New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment was launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and is bringing together businesses and governments around the world to tackle plastic pollution. Ecosurety has joined the commitment in recognition of the investment, specialist consultancy and support committed over the next two years to innovative new recycling technologies, such as the PolyMet project run by Impact Solutions.
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Global plastics commitment


Our #LeedsByExample campaign has linked up an unprecedented number of major brands and organisations to create the biggest collaborative push to improve on-the-go recycling in the UK.
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The UK Plastics Pact

Ecosurety has joined the UK Plastics Pact, an initiative launched by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) and the Ellen MacArthur foundation to tackle the issue of plastics in this country. The focus of the pact is to bring together all stakeholders involved in making, using, collecting, sorting, reusing and recycling plastics in order to transform the system. Supported by the government, the aim is to generate a fundamental change in the way plastics are designed, produced, used, re-used and disposed.
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UK Plastics Pact 30%


UK Plastics Pact 100%

UK Plastics Pact 70%


Eliminate single use packaging

Recycling Technologies

Recycling Technologies is at the forefront of innovation in plastic recycling, creating value from residual plastic waste on a global scale. Ecosurety's partnership with Recycling Technologies will help accelerate the commercial roll out of an innovative technology to improve the scope and capacity of plastic recycling in the UK.
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Impact Solutions

Impact Solutions are independent plastic experts with over 120 years of combined experience and 6 million hours of test data under their belts! They run the Impact Innovations project, a dedicated product development and technology incubator working with start-up and R&D focused companies who are looking for support to develop their ideas, from concept through to commercialisation.
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On-Pack Recycling Label

The award winning On-Pack Recycling Label delivers a simple, consistent and UK-wide recycling message on both retailer and brand packaging to help consumers recycle more material, more often.
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Alupro is an industry funded, not-for-profit organisation with over 25 years experience representing the UK’s aluminium packaging industry. They work to fulfill the industry’s obligation to meet, and exceed, recycling targets for aluminium packaging. Ecosurety has collaborated with Alupro to bring the MetalMatters consumer awareness campaign to the city of Bristol.
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Ecosurety has an exclusive partnership with leading environmental communication experts Hubbub, enabling us to use producer responsibility compliance funds towards impactful awareness campaigns.
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Hubbub is an environmental charity that uses the latest thinking backed by academic research to explore new ways to run behaviour change campaigns. The charity explores innovative and fun ways to interest mainstream consumers in important sustainability issues, through different ‘hubs’ of activity - Food, Fashion, Homes, and Neighbourhoods.

Hubbub’s previous campaigns have included #SquareMileChallenge, the UK’s first large scale solution to coffee cup recycling and #GiftABundle to get pre-loved baby clothes back into circulation.

Their exclusive collaboration with us will see two consumer-facing campaigns a year, funded by producer responsibility compliance evidence money, created and executed by Hubbub. Our first collaborative campaign, #BringBackHeavyMetal, successfully launched in October 2017.



Belmont Trading Ltd

Belmont Trading UK Limited is the UK subsidiary of US-based Belmont Trading Company. Founded in 1988, Belmont Trading Company is a global leader in eMaterials lifecycle management. Belmont provides innovative, sustainable, and secure global asset management and value recovery solutions for batteries, mobile devices, telecom and computing equipment, and other electronic equipment.
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battery plant

Ecosurety has been working closely with Belmont Trading UK to establish the UK's first battery recycling plant that will have enough capacity to process more than the entire UK battery collection obligation, removing the need to export our domestic battery waste and reducing the environmental impact of their treatment.


Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee

LARAC represents local authority views in waste and recycling issues, and they influence UK waste policy for the benefit of our members in a manner which advances the waste and resource industry.

Resource Association

The Resource Association is a professional advocacy body for the reprocessing and recycling industries, with a mission to support the development of a sustainable and healthy industry by providing a voice, forum and leadership, as well as supporting related environmental and social interests.
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Cynnal Cymru - Sustain Wales

Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales is the leading organisation for sustainable development in Wales with a mission to make Wales a low carbon, resource efficient, healthy, just and prosperous society, thriving in balance with the natural ecosystems that support it. Ecosurety is a member organisation helping to share learning, challenge thinking and inspire change, contributing to summit events as sponsor and keynote speaker, providing policy insight from our policy manager, Robbie Stanniforth.
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Plastic Expert

Plastic Expert is a plastic recycling company founded in 2009 with a real passion for diverting plastic scrap from landfill. In 2015 they have opened a new recycling centre in Gosport thanks to our PRN funding.
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Recycle Now

Recycle Now is the primary consumer awareness campaign to encourage people in the UK to recycle more things, more often, from all around the home. Operated by WRAP, the campaign aims to encourage behaviour change across the UK to reduce the amount of waste produced and use resources in an efficient way.
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Ecosurety has contributed over 1,600 battery recycling points to the recyclenow.com recycling locator tool and provides ongoing support to the website, on behalf of our members.

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