Ecosurety gains Carbon Literate Organisation Silver status

The Carbon Literate Organisation accreditation highlights our dedication towards tackling climate change, reducing organisational carbon emissions, and a commitment to working towards a lower-carbon future. 

Carbon Literacy is defined as, ‘an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis’. 

A Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO) meanwhile is an organisation that has been accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project as ‘culturally Carbon Literate’; maintaining a substantial proportion of its workforce as Carbon Literate and demonstrating its Carbon Literacy through its organisational behaviour.  

CLO accreditation is a tiered system with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, requiring increasing levels of commitment to action on climate change and creating a low-carbon culture. 

Bespoke training for the packaging sector 

Ecosurety has developed a unique one-day Carbon Literacy training course for the packaging sector, accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project. It covers general Carbon Literacy training content with an additional focus on the carbon impacts of packaging to empower producers and those in the packaging sector to consider the wider impact of packaging, make more informed decisions and engage their own teams.  

Members of the Ecosurety team have been trained as trainers and continue to deliver the Carbon Literacy course to their colleagues. This also included a free session delivered to external packaging stakeholders on 4 December 2023, as part of the Carbon Literacy Action Day.

Ecosurety will be increasing the number of the team who can deliver the training and will be offering it externally to those working in the packaging sector from 2024. 

Committed to low-carbon action

To become accredited as a Silver Carbon Literate Organisation, Ecosurety has already trained over 20% of staff using bespoke Carbon Literacy training materials, with various pledges made to reduce the carbon impacts of the business and empower Ecosurety packaging members to do the same. 

Will Ghali commented, “I’m delighted that Ecosurety has achieved Carbon Literate Silver status. It’s been a huge privilege to work with a very engaged team of people who are keen to learn how we can change our behaviours as individuals and as a company to reduce our carbon impact and take tangible steps to move closer to net zero."

"I am confident that we will reach Carbon Literate Gold status in 2024 and will push hard for Platinum, as we continue to raise awareness and take action to accelerate change to a lower carbon future.”

Dave Coleman, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Carbon Literacy Project, said: “Carbon Literacy is an essential skill, vital to every workplace, community, and place of study. It is the foundational knowledge, and a catalyst to empowering people to act on climate, however, Carbon Literacy is only the first step.  

The actions taken and pledged by learners as part of their Carbon Literacy have an immediate impact within their organisation, however it is the maintenance of these and further actions, supported by Carbon Literate organisational culture, that reaps the greatest rewards for both participants and their organisations.  By becoming a silver accredited Carbon Literate Organisation, Ecosurety has demonstrated its commitment to genuine low carbon action, environmental and economic impact, and the building of a low carbon future for us all.” 

Register your interest now 

If you work in the packaging sector and are interested in completing the Carbon Literacy for the packaging sector training, please email carbonliteracy@ecosurety.com to find out more. 

Written by Louise Shellard Published 20/12/2023 Topics Ecosurety
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