Ecosurety promotes Robbie Staniforth to Innovation and Policy Director

The promotion sees Robbie take an increasingly strategic role at Ecosurety as it steps up its advisory services ahead of major EPR reform in the UK.

Robbie has 13 years experience in the waste and recycling sector and as Innovation and Policy Director he is now directly responsible for Ecosurety's growing portfolio of cross-industry innovation projects including Podback and the Flexible Plastic Fund.

He previously worked closely with Defra during the most recent packaging consultations, outlining the impacts and required transitional arrangements of the UK’s new EPR system.

After playing a key role in the set up of the Packaging Scheme Forum in 2018, he held the position of inaugural Chair for three years and last month he was invited to join the government’s Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP).

Passion for genuine, meaningful change

Commenting on the promotion, Will Ghali, CEO of Ecosurety said: “Not only is Robbie a widely respected figure in the packaging, resource and waste sector, he is also a hugely valued member of the Ecosurety team."

"As the newly appointed Innovation and Policy Director, Robbie will build on his top-level policy insights whilst managing a wide range of innovation projects that can help deliver transformational change in the resource and waste sector.”

Robbie commented “It has been an exceptionally successful period for Ecosurety and I’m excited to lead plans for further development. There are so many opportunities to utilise our expertise to secure better outcomes from producer responsibility."

"I’m excited to use my passion for genuine, meaningful change to make the UK a much more resource efficient place to live.”

Ben Luger

Marketing projects specialist

Ben joined the team at the beginning of 2015 and helps drive marketing communications and projects for Ecosurety, including project managing the launch of the Ecosurety Exploration Fund and website content development.

Written by Ben Luger Published 01/07/2021 Topics Ecosurety
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