Terms and conditions

By applying to the Ecosurety Exploration Fund you are agreeing to these terms and conditions


Ecosurety Limited (“we” / “us”) run the “Ecosurety Exploration Fund”, a fund designed to support a small number of high-quality projects to reduce the environmental impact of packaging, EEE or batteries through innovation or research in the UK (the “Fund”).

Together with Ecosurety members and select independent experts we will choose organisations from the pool of applicants and offer to fund or part-fund their project for a period of one year. The successful grant recipients (“Grantees”) will be required to report back on the impact of their project so the impact of the fund can be evaluated and reported. 

Submission of an application for the Fund constitutes each Applicant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Terms & Conditions and to the Organiser’ decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Fund. Receiving funding is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth in these Terms & Conditions and entering into further agreements, which shall be provided to the shortlisted applicants prior to the Grantees being selected.


Terms and Conditions


“Organiser” means:

Ecosurety Limited
Fermentation Building South
Hawkins Lane
Finzels Reach

(Company number: 04713606)

or any other Group Company that Ecosurety selects.

 “Fund Panel” means: The team of individuals appointed to judge applicant’s applications and select the Grantees.


1. Fund dates

  • Application submissions open: 9.00am GMT on 8 June 2021
  • Application submissions close: 4.00pm GMT on 24 August 2021
  • Project shortlisting: September to October 2021
  • Panel judging: November 2021
  • Winners informed and funding offers sent: By end of November 2021
  • Initial funding distributed and projects expected to start: December 2021
  • Public announcement of winners: December 2021
  • Further event dates to be confirmed to successful applicants


2. Applicant eligibility

  • The Fund is open to:

    • Limited companies
    • Charities
    • Academic bodies and institutions
    • Community Interest Companies
    • Public sector organisations
    • Social enterprises as defined: “Organisations that have a clear charitable mission, that can demonstrate the positive difference they are trying to make and which reinvest profits to further their social mission, and/or which, in a ‘wind-up’ situation, pass remaining assets on to another non-profit social enterprise that has a charitable purpose.”

  • Applicants must prove they are an officially constituted body in the UK by providing their UK company registration number, and/or charity registration number.

  • Applicants must submit their audited accounts for the last financial year, if available.

  • Applicants must be seeking funds to support a specific and discrete project. Organisations seeking funding to cover core operational costs will not be considered.  

  • The Fund aims to offer grants up to £150,000. The Organiser reserves the right to offer grants of a lower or higher value depending on the merit of the Applicant and funds available.   

  • Applications from a collaboration of organisations or partnerships are welcomed. The lead organisation, which shall be the “Applicant”, must be one of the types of organisation listed above. 

  • Each Applicant shall appoint one individual (the “representative”) to represent it and act on behalf, including registering and entering an application, of said organisation. The representative must be duly authorised to submit on behalf of the organisation. The representative warrants, represents and undertakes that:

    • he/she is duly authorised to act on behalf of the organisation; and
    • he/she has read these Terms & Conditions and that any partner organisation has read them and agreed to abide by them

3. Fund application period

  • Applicants may submit their application between 9.00am GMT 08 June 2021 and 4.00pm GMT 24 August 2021 (the “submission application period”).
  • Applications must be submitted through the website by completing the online resubmission application form at https://www.ecosurety.com/impact/exploration-fund/apply, including uploading a two minute video, project plan and project budget.
  • Any application submitted outside of the resubmission application period will not be considered.

4. Application

  • Applicants for the Fund must demonstrate that their project focuses on reducing the environmental impact of packaging, EEE or batteries through innovation or research in the UK.

  • Applications must be completed in English.

  • An application may be rejected at the sole discretion of the Organiser.

  • Applications must not violate the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity.

  • By submitting an application, the Applicant warrants, represents and undertakes that any use of the application by the Organiser (or any of their respective partners, subsidiaries and affiliates) as authorised by these Terms & Conditions, shall not infringe upon, misappropriate or otherwise violate any intellectual property right or proprietary right including, without limitation, any registered or unregistered trade mark, copyright, design rights or patent, nor any privacy rights, moral rights nor any other rights of any person or entity.

5. Selection process

  • From the pool of applications received, the Organiser will select a number of Applicants to be shortlisted who meet the criteria.

  • The Fund Panel will then rate the quality of all applications on the shortlist against the predefined criteria listed on www.ecosurety.com/impact/exploration-fund, ultimately choosing one or more to be awarded the funding.

  • Successful applicants will be offered a portion of the fund. The value of the grant will be decided by the fund panel and may be less than the value requested in the Applicant’s application. 

  • Should a successful Applicant wish to accept the Fund offer, they will be required to enter into further documentation, which will include Offer Terms & Conditions. For the avoidance of doubt, no Grantee shall be eligible to receive Fund monies until they have signed their Offer Letter with the Organiser.

  • Successful applicants will be expected to attend one or more events as requested to present on the results of the project. Events will be dependent on any public gathering restrictions and may be held online instead.

  • An Applicant will be deemed ineligible if:

    • they refuse to participate in the events detailed above; and/or
    • they are uncontactable for a period of more than 7 days during the application process
    • in the event of Applicant disqualification, the Organiser, at their sole discretion, may select an alternate Applicant.

  • The Organiser reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to disqualify any Applicant. This includes if they find the Applicant to be tampering with the application process or to be acting in violation of these Terms & Conditions, or to be acting in a manner that is in violation of any applicable law or regulation.

6. The fund

The Fund will support projects for one year with an agreed amount of money, subject to the Offer Terms and Conditions sent to Grantees. Grantees will be required to report back to the Organiser regularly. Details of the timings and requirements for the reporting will be provided to Grantees as part of the Offer Letter.

  • The grant money will be released in stages throughout the 12-month funding period. This will be defined in the grant Offer Terms & Conditions.

  • The grant money must only be spent in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Offer Terms & Conditions.

  • At the conclusion of the Fund, Grantees will be required to openly share learnings, outputs and results of the funded activities with the Organiser. 

7. Verification of potential grantees

All applicants will be subject to further due diligence, including audited accounts and proof of status, such as charity registration number company registration number and/or constitution.

8. General conditions

  • Each Applicant acknowledges and agrees that the relationship between themselves and the Organiser is not a confidential, fiduciary, or other special relationship, and that the Applicant’s decision to provide its application to the Organiser for the purposes of this Fund does not place the Organiser (or their respective agents) in a position that is any different from the position held by the members of the general public with regard to elements of the application, except as specifically provided in these Terms & Conditions.

  • By submitting an application, each Applicant (including all partners and participating members of an organisation) agree(s) to:

    • comply with and be bound by these Terms & Conditions and the decisions of the Organiser, which are binding and final in all matters relating to this Fund; and

    • indemnify, defend and hold harmless us, the Administrator (and their respective parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies) and any other organisations responsible for sponsoring, fulfilling, administering, advertising or promoting the Fund, and all of their respective past and present officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liabilities (including legal fees) resulting from any breach of these Terms & Conditions by the Applicant.

9. Liability

  • Subject to the remainder of this paragraph, the liability of us under these Terms & Conditions is strictly limited to £1,000.

  • Subject to the below, we shall have no liability in connection with:

    • any incorrect or inaccurate information;
    • technical failures of any kind including, but not limited to, malfunctions, interruptions, or disconnections in phone lines, internet connectivity or electronic transmission errors, or network hardware or software or failure of the Fund web page;
    • unauthorised human intervention in any part of the application process or the Fund; and
    • technical or human error which may occur in the administration of the Fund or the processing of applications.

  • If for any reason an application is confirmed to have been erroneously deleted, lost, or otherwise destroyed or corrupted, the Applicant’s sole remedy is to request the opportunity to resubmit its application. Such request will be determined at the sole discretion of the Organiser if the Fund application period is still open.

  • Nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall exclude or limit any party’s liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, for fraudulent misrepresentation and/or for any other loss or damage the exclusion or limitation of which is prohibited by English law. 

10. Miscellaneous

  • The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the Fund, or any part of it, if any fraud, technical failure or any other unanticipated factor or factor beyond the Organiser’ control impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the Fund, as determined by the Organiser in their sole discretion.

  • The Organiser’ failure to enforce any provision of these Terms & Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision. The Organiser is not responsible for incomplete, late, misdirected, damaged, lost, illegible or incomprehensible applications, or for address or email address changes of the Applicant. Proof of sending or submitting an application will not be deemed proof of receipt by the Organiser.

  • In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between any provisions of these Terms & Conditions and disclosures or other statements contained in any Fund materials, including, but not limited to, the Fund application form, Fund website, advertising (including, but not limited to, television, print, radio or online ads), these Terms & Conditions shall prevail.

  • The Organiser reserves the right, without liability, to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time in their sole discretion. In such event, the Organiser will post the amended Terms & Conditions on the Fund website. Any amendment will become effective at the time the Organiser posts the amended Terms & Conditions.

  • Should any provision of these Terms & Conditions be, or become, illegal or unenforceable, such illegality or unenforceability shall leave the remainder of these Terms & Conditions unaffected and valid. The illegal or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision that comes closest and best reflects the Organiser’ intention in a legal and enforceable manner with respect to the invalid or unenforceable provision.

11. Privacy

Any personal information collected from you when entering the Programme is subject to the privacy policy located here.

12. Law and jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions (including any associated non-contractual disputes or claims) are governed by English law and the parties hereby accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to any dispute arising under or in connection with these Terms & Conditions.

13. Contact us

If you have any questions or wish to send us any notice regarding this programme, please email us at explorationfund@ecosurety.com.