Planet Protectors are go! Introducing ecosurety’s new CSR project

ecosurety is embarking on a new Corporate Social Responsibility project for 2016, following the resounding success of last year’s project, joinmyjourney.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), or as we prefer to think of it, Companies Sharing Resources, has now become a core part of our ethos and our team really enjoys committing to projects that benefit others beyond our usual remit. As joinmyjourney continues to benefit more and more organisations, we are thrilled to announce a brand new project for 2016 that is now ready for launch after months of development by our team!

Inspiration through education

ecosurety planet protectorsThis year our project is focused on education: developing and delivering workshops to primary schools. Why? Well, equipped with a giant Jenga set, some animal t-shirts and a big bag full of intriguing (clean) rubbish we are hoping to give young children an insight and appreciation of the connection between natural habitats, recycling and waste. The workshops, affectionately entitled ‘Planet Protectors’, are aimed at 7-9 year olds with the view that early education is the key to change.

I have the pleasure of leading this year’s CSR initiative, having previously worked on a project akin to this when I was studying at Cambridge University. I was so inspired by how much the children got out of it that I couldn’t wait to develop it further and run something similar again!

Whilst studying natural sciences as an undergraduate, I was a member of the Cambridge University Environmental Consulting Society. The ecology team that I was a part of within the Society developed and delivered biodiversity workshops to three local primary schools, and this year we’ve altered the concept slightly to focus more on waste and habitats. In my previous experience I found the children were inquisitive, excited and empowered by the workshops; and the teachers gave us some fantastic feedback too.

Watch this space!

We recently practiced the workshops with the team, which was great fun (and brought out our inner children!) in preparation for our visit to Hillcrest Primary School yesterday. As we deliver the workshops this month, we will be posting updates and pictures on our twitter feed, so have a look and keep an eye out for the tweets! I will also post regular blogs here about how we are getting on.

ecosurety Planet Protectors jenga

Can your organisation help?

We are running the workshops in Bristol by volunteering company time and we are very keen to collaborate with our members, or indeed anyone else who would like to support the project, to extend the potential and impact. One idea we are keen to pursue is to set up a website with online versions of the educational games which could reach children all over the country. If you are interested in enabling us to reach further, it would be amazing.

Please get in touch with me on ogreen@ecosurety.com or call 0845 094 2228 to talk about how we can work together to achieve more.

Go Planet Protectors!


Olivia Green

Key account manager

Olivia joined Ecosurety in October 2014 as a Graduate account specialist. Now, as a key account manager, her role involves working with our members to provide support across all aspects of the company.

Written by Olivia Green Published 08/06/2016 Topics Ecosurety

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