Slow Threads: a call for sustainable fashion

I remember a time when anything prefixed with the word ‘second-hand’ was considered low class.

Purchasing new items to replace outdated ones, and owning the latest outfits of the season, was normal. ‘Thrifting’ was a subculture, and sustainability, circularity, and climate change awareness had not gained mission-critical status.

Now we live in a different time. We live in a desperate time that calls for urgent action and a 180-degree change in our behaviour and attitude towards consumption and environmental sustainability.

When environmental charity Hubbub approached Ecosurety with the concept of a fashion fair that would create awareness, stimulate conversations, and drive behaviour change around sustainable fashion consumption; we were pleased to join forces and contribute.

Change in action

Together with Advanced Clothing Solutions (ACS), Ecosurety and Hubbub successfully launched Slow Threads: The sustainable fashion fair during Scotland’s Climate Week by bringing together our collective expertise, connections, and commitment to sustainability; to communicate how we can change, and the benefits that come with change, including community, creativity and money saving.

Not only were 400 attendees inspired and empowered over two days, to explore sustainable alternatives for upgrading their wardrobes through a variety of sustainable fashion options - ‘hello secondhand!’, but they were also invited through talks, displays, and workshops, to slow down and take stock of their purchasing behaviour and what they own.

Zero Waste Scotland chaired an engaging panel discussion which was participated by our Innovation and Policy director, Robbie Staniforth, together with representatives from Hubbub, ACS, Community Couture, Glasgow Caledonian University, and Fashion Revolution. The discussion gave pause for thought about the impact of consumption, climate change, and how we could change our consumption habits to reduce environmental impact. The discussion is available to view here:

Panel discussion

The whole system needs to change

Though some of the slang acronyms we hear nowadays border on banality, T.E.A.M is one that comes to mind and encapsulates the outcome of Slow Threads. The responses from surveys conducted by Hubbub after the event demonstrate that indeed, Together Everyone Accomplishes More. 73% of the visitors that responded felt more informed about sustainable fashion and felt encouraged to make a change. From taking action such as renting and buying secondhand clothing to swapping, repairing, and customising their apparel, each of the respondents answered the call to make a change.

Indeed, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The journey towards sustainable fashion needs a lot more to fall into place for it to shift from being niche to normal. Policy, supply chain, mindset, and access, all need to change for true transformation to take place. It might not happen this year or next, but at least with events such as Slow Threads awareness is increasing, and a seed has been sown.


Visit this page to read more about Slow Threads 

Mma-tshepo Grobler

Communication & PR Specialist

Mma-tshepo joined Ecosurety’s Marketing team in 2022 as our Communication and PR Specialist. She is responsible for implementing our PR strategy and creating a variety of engaging B2B content for external communications. She also looks after our social media channels and website.

Written by Mma-tshepo Grobler Published 08/12/2022 Topics Sustainability
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