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Supporting a new UK plastics recycling start-up to divert plastic from landfill

Creating new UK PRNs

Indigo Environmental opened their first plastics recycling site in 2017 in Cheshire, utilising the latest shredding, granulating and washing technologies. This enabled Indigo Environmental to specialise in recycling packaging materials that were traditionally landfilled due to high levels of contamination, producing brand new UK PRNs in the process.
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Facilitating a UK recycling start-up

To support a new UK recycler with high ethical standards, Ecosurety invested thousands of pounds in 2018 to facilitate their start-up phase. This followed with over 1,000 tonnes of UK plastic PRNs directly purchased for our members. Indigo Environmental have experienced strong growth already, quadrupling the number of recycling lines.

Continued investment and closed-loop solutions

In 2019 Ecosurety continues to invest tens of thousands of pounds in Indigo Environmental to purchase new machinery and support their growth, enabling them to capture even more material that was destined to landfill. This partnership provides more new UK PRNs which have been exclusively secured for Ecosurety members. Ecosurety is also facilitating closed-loop solutions, providing PRNs to producers whose waste material is being recycled by Indigo Environmental.
"The Ecosurety vision of increasing growth within the UK plastic recycling sector aligns with that of Indigo Environmental. Our investment and growth to date sends a clear signal to UK manufacturing that the circularity model is alive and delivering." Paul L Rendle-Barnes Photo Paul L Rendle-Barnes Director recovery and recycling, Indigo Environmental

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