Metal recycling campaign

Helping to launch the MetalMatters campaign to households across Bristol

MetalMatters launch in Bristol

Metals are 100% recyclable, and with extensive kerbside collections there really is no excuse for them to be lost to landfill.



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The excellent MetalMatters campaign is a well established consumer awareness programme run by Alupro that aims to increase metals capture in specific geographical areas.

Find out more at metalmatters.org.uk

The facts

The amount of metal packaging disposed of in Bristol alone is staggering, which is why we worked with key industry stakeholders to bring the campaign to Bristol households for the very first time. Ecosurety co-funded the campaign and collaborated with local stakeholders to maximise the impact of the campaign.
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Making sure all this metal is captured for recycling is incredibly important. As a material it can be recycled endlessly and transformed from packaging into products and back again.

The environmental savings of recycling compared to producing virgin metal is significant.

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Campaign collateral

Throughout September 2017, households in Bristol were targeted with an engaging leaflet campaign that effectively illustrated why metal recycling matters - waste metal packaging doesn't just disappear into a big waste site, it is converted into new products including cars, phones, appliances or even packaging again.

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Local waste collection vehicles and buses were also branded with the campaign to ensure that there were multiple opportunities to see it outside the home too.

The MetalMatters campaign is core to our belief that people will recycle more if they are educated about the reasons why it is important, and what happens to the waste they place in their recycle box.

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Increased collections

The two-phase leaflet campaign reached all households in the Bristol area, raising awareness about metal recycling. A great success when you consider that every can recycled saves enough energy to run a TV for four hours - so a small action like putting an empty bean tin into a recycling box can really make a big difference.

MetalMatters 6.6%

During the last quarter of 2017, metals capture in Bristol increased by 6.6% compared to 2016. For a material that experiences monthly fluctuations in capture rates, trends can be difficult to ascertain and an overall increase is certainly a positive result. Undoubtedly this campaign has provided valuable learnings for future consumer awareness campaigns.

“We are delighted to welcome Ecosurety to our committed group of funding partners for the MetalMatters programme. Their support illustrates the growing realisation from obligated companies that behaviour change programmes have a key role to play in boosting recycling performance.” Rick Hindley Photo Rick Hindley Executive director, Alupro

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